NSA Client - Deborah Carter

Deborah Carter-In Her Own Words

My name is Deborah Carter, I am 54 years young.  My story is very long, but here is a little bit about me. 
I have OI (Osteogenisis Imperfecta) brittle bones.  It’s hereditary through my mom’s father.  He carries the genes.  If you are a woman with it, you will only have one child that will have it, the rest of your children will be healthy.  If you are a male with it, all will have it, except one (crazy uh?).  But God never created a mess and Allah never makes a mistake.
I have been a client of National Staffing Associates for several years and they are so kind.  I have a great Home Health Aide, Margaret.  I call her “Auntie Margaret”. 
I love her and I would be lost without her. I thank Allah (God) for “Auntie Margaret” and NSA. 

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